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Importing Contacts to Multiple Groups - Temporary Workaround

***This issue has been resolved, so you no longer need to use this workaround***


Please be aware of a technical issue with the data importer. The issue occurs when you are attempting to import/update contacts with multiple contact group assignments.


  • The issue will be resolved soon, but in the meantime please make sure to use the workaround listed below, or contact the Total Expert Product Support Team for assistance.

  1. Ensure that all column headers in your import file match the default names in Total Expert. 
    • Click HERE to reference the Template for Imports for the default names.
  2. On Step 4 Data Mapping, use the Apply Defaults button. This automatically maps all of your columns for you.
    • Once the issue is resolved, you will not be forced to utilize Apply Defaults when mapping your columns.
  3. Any contacts you are importing or updating with multiple group assignments are processed properly once your import is processed. 

Once the issue has been resolved, Total Expert will send a message notifying you that it has been solved. 

Please contact the Total Expert Product Support Team with any questions. We apologize for the inconvenience caused by this issue.

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