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How to Add BombBomb Videos in Email Templates

You first need to create an email template with a BombBomb element. 

  1. Double click into the BombBomb element. 
    • If you have a video on file, click the title of the video. 
    • If you need to record a new video, click Record a New Video
      • Once uploaded, click the title of the video.

Remember to frequently save your changes by clicking Save in the top right corner of the page.

BombBomb Vist

BombBomb Vist (Moments that Matter) is a premium BombBomb feature. Please reach out to BombBomb to learn more. 

BombBomb's Vist allows you to create specific videos to contacts that can be used in email templates and journeys. 

The email address of the sender is used to capture the individuals recorded video in that campaign when a BombBomb Vist video are included in email templates. Your organization's default BombBomb video is used when no specific user video is associated with a campaign. 

  1. Navigate to your BombBomb Vist feature and choose Vist Campaign.
  2. Locate the video and click Copy For Total Expert.
    • The HTML snippet is copied to your clipboard.
  3. Navigate to Total Expert's Email Builder.
  4. In the email editor, paste your video from BombBomb.
  5. Click Save.
  6. Preview the email to view your custom BombBomb Vist video. 

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