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How to Create Auto Campaigns: Step 1 of 2

This article outlines step 1 of 2 of creating an auto campaign. Click HERE for step 2. 

You first need to create a framework when building a new auto campaign. After that, you build each action that is taken by the campaign. 

Create the Framework

  1. On the left navigation, click Manage Marketing > Auto Campaigns
  2. Click Add Auto-Campaign
    • A pop-up box appears.  
  3. Input/check the following:
    • Name - Name of campaign. 
    • Campaign Library URL (optional) - Website URL where a user can find material relevant to the campaign. 
    • Description (optional) - More detailed description of the campaign. End users see this description when deciding to opt in to the campaign or not. 
    • Media Details Video Link (optional) - URL of a video that provides context or instructions on the campaign. 
    • Grant Access to New Users (optional) - Allow new users to have access to this campaign automatically when they are created after the campaign is setup.  
  4. Click Submit.
    • Upon submitting, you  be directed to the actions page.

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