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How to Use the Data Importer: Step 3 of 3

  1. Click Select file to upload and choose your file OR drag and drop your saved CSV import file.
    • File upload limit is 50MB.
    • You receive a success message if the upload was done correctly. 
  2. Click Continue to advance. 
    • Map your column name data information to the correct mapped property. 
  3. Clicking Apply Defaults automatically maps your columns to the proper TE fields.
    • A pop-up box appears. 
  4. Click Yes to continue. 
  5. Click Continue to advance. 
    • A pop-up box appears. 
  6. Choose to save your mapping template for future use by choosing one of the following:
    • Existing template
    • New template
    • Do not save
  7. Click Continue to advance. 
  8. Review your import test results.
  9. Check the acknowledgement and click Submit to finish.


At the bottom of the page, click Save & Exit at anytime to save your progress and come back to your import at a later time.

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