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How to Grant Users Access to Email Templates

  1. On the left navigation, click Email Marketing > Emails
  2. Search for the template.
  3. Next to the email template, click Actions > User Settings
  4. Check the box next to the user(s) you want to grant access to. 
  5. At the top of the screen, click the pen and paper icon(Change Settings). 
    • A slide out page appears. 
  6. Under Access Settings, choose an option. 
    • Add Access - Grant access to selected users. 
    • Deny Access - Deny access to selected users. This option overrides the "Grant Access to All Users" option that is configurable on the template. 
    • Clear Access - Removes access for selected users. 
    • Allow Co-Marketing Access - Allows a user to select a co-marketing partner on the email template. Required for co-branded email templates. 
    • Allow Editing When Used as a Template (only appears if Add Access is chosen) - Selected users can edit content on the email template. 
    • Approval Flow (only appears if Add Access is chosen) - Select a saved approval flow to apply to the email template for selected users. 
  7. Once satisfied, click Submit.

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