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How to Create New Email Templates Using the Email Builder Tool: Step 2 of 3

  1. Under the Elements sub tab, click, drag, and drop a column layout into the editor.
    • Repeat step 1 as many times as needed. 
  2. Once your columns are added, click, drag, and drop a content block into the editor. 
    • Text - Input text into the container.
    • Image - Add images into the container. 
    • Button - Insert buttons that allow for links to external sites.
    • Spacer - Adds a space between columned layouts. 
    • Divider - Adds space between containers and elements.
    • Video - Allows you to insert videos from your computer. 
    • BombBomb - Insert BombBomb specific videos into the container.
    • Vidyard - Insert Vidyard specific videos into the container. 

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