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How to Create Auto Campaigns: Step 2 of 2

This article outlines step 2 of 2 of creating an auto campaign. Click HERE for step 1. 

Actions are listed in the order they are created and cannot be rearranged. Each action is executed for the appropriate contacts according to their setup, not according to the order of the list. 

Adding Actions

  1. Click Add Action
    • A pop-up box appears. 
  2. Input/check the following:
    • Name - Name of action.
    • Action Type - Choose either Send an Email OR Send Print Media. 
    • Trigger Limit (optional) - Check this box to prevent a recipient from being targeted more than once by the same action. 
    • Conditions (optional) - Actions will only trigger if conditions are met if added. 

If Send an Email Action Type Was Chosen

  1. Input/check the following:
    • Select Email - Choose the email template the campaign sends. 
    • Driver Type
      • Event-Driven - Action is triggered based on the event selected. 
      • Date-Driven - Action is triggered based on the time and start date options. Monthly is defined by the number of days into the month. So, if an action is configured for January 4th, it will fire January 4th, February 4th, March 4th, and so on. 
    • BCC Recipients - Choose someone that gets a blind copy of the email.
  2. Click Submit.

If Send Print Media Action Type Was Chosen

  1. Input/check the following:
    • Select Media - Choose a saved media piece the campaign sends. 
    • Start Date - Action is triggered on corresponding date chosen. 
    • Shift - Check this box to shift when the action is triggered in relation to the start date. 
      • Shift Amount - Enter an integer that represents the number of days the trigger is shifted  to before or after the start date. 
    • Recurring - Check this box if you want the action to repeat. 
      • Recurring Interval - Choose an option for how often the action will recur. 
  2. Click Submit

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