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Different Types of Standard Reports

Report NameDescription
Standard Auto Campaign ReportOverview of what groups each user has on a specific auto campaign. Groups are not included in this report if no groups are on any campaigns. 
Email ReportData grouped by email type and email subject. The count for the week is added once a user sends an email with the specific template and email name. The number of times the email was delivered and amount of opens are included. 
Site Pages ReportRecord of each site a user creates themselves. How many views and registrations that were recorded are included.

Note: This does not include co-marketed sites that users are associated with. 
User Activity ReportReport covers basic numbers for the following:
  • Leads created
  • Connections made
  • Emails sent
  • Media generated
SMS ReportText messages that have been sent and received by users. 
Unsubscribe ReportReport that pulls email addresses that have been unsubscribed at either the domain or organization level. The domain appears in the report if the email address is unsubscribed at that level. The value of the email address is ORG LEVEL when the email is unsubscribed at the organization level.

Note: This only includes unsubscribed email addresses in the last week/month. 
Lead Level Unsubscribe ReportReport of three different lead level unsubscribes areas:
  1. API and importer
  2. Organization-level
  3. Domain-level

This report reviews the user that the lead is tied to as well as the lead information, such as group and name. This report is a full weekly list. 

User Level Preference ReportLists emails where the recipient has indicated they no longer want to receive marketing emails from one of more individuals within the organization. The report identifies who that specific individual is and when the email recipient updated that preference. 
Focused View ReportFocused view outcomes from a LO and lead level. 
Login ReportLists weekly user logins for an organization.
Do Not Contact ReportLists leads that have do not contact enabled. 
TCPA Disclaimer Standard ReportHow many users have accepted the TCPA disclaimer within a month. The disclaimer is needed for SMS to be sent. 
Funded Loans Standard ReportReports of all borrowers and co-borrowers who have closed or funded loans.

Note: Any borrower or co-borrower loan participant who funds a loan in a given week/month are included. 
Journey Lead Counts Standard ReportsHow many leads went through a journey in a given timeframe and how many leads are currently active on the journey. 
Emails by Journey Standard ReportsContains the following journey email data:
  • Sent
  • Opened
  • Clicked on
  • Bounced
  • Unsubscribes
  • Complaints
Journey Email Report by Month Standard ReportsSame as Emails by Journey Standard Reports, but data is segmented by journey basis and monthly basis. 
Journey Standard ReportsReport that contains counts of leads that are in a certain journey status. 
Standard Template ReportsWeekly or monthly report that look at the following:
  • Email template usage by campaign types
  • Templates leveraged in journeys vs direct email
  • Auto campaign usage at a holistic view
Tasks and Completed Tasks ReportsReports that contain information on which tasks were assigned to and completed by specific LOs. Also included information on journeys where tasks were created. 
Organization Print and Social ReportsReport of all print and social templates within an organization. 
Organization Print and Social Usage ReportsDisplays usage of print and social templates within an organization. 

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