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How to Add Lead Volume Setting Filters to Workflows

You can add as many lead volume settings filter levels to a single LO that you need to. This allows you to control the amount of leads an LO has for an extended period of time.

  • Ex: The LO can have a daily lead intake of two leads per day and seven leads per week.


  1. Within the workflow, hover your mouse over the connecting lines from the team route to your LOs.
  2. Click the plus sign (+) that appears.
  3. Under Suggested Actions, click Lead Volume Settings. 
  4. Input the following:
    • Lead Volume – Click the plus or minus button to give the LO a certain number of leads. 
    • Timeframe – Choose between hours, days, weeks, or months that the LO can have the number of leads.
  5. Click Save when finished.

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