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How to Connect Events


Do not set up a journey workflow with multiple events feeding from the same previous event. The steps all try to execute at the same time. Instead, arrange the components sequentially with no delays between. 

Every event on the canvas must be connected to another event in order for the journey workflow to properly function. Events are connected by input and output connectors.  

Event input and output exceptions:

  • Trigger events do not have inputs. They are the beginning of the workflow. 
  • The "Remove From Journey" event does not have an output. These are used at the very end of a logic chain. 
  • Condition events have two outputs. One for each route that could be taken. 
  • The "Email Status" event has two outputs. It behaves similarly to a condition. 

Connect Events

  1. Navigate to the journey where you want to connect events. 
  2. Find the events to connect. 
  3. On the first event, click the gray output and drag to the next event. 
    • A dotted line appears. 
  4. Connect the line to the next events gray input
    • The dotted line becomes solid.

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