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Marketing Dashboard

You may see more than one dashboard depending on your access. Please reach out to your Implementation Manager or Customer Success Manager to enable this function.

The marketing dashboard allows for marketers to view data on new contacts that have been added to the system. This dashboard also gives good insight into the performance of emails and marketing content. 

The Marketing tab includes the following data: 

  • Date Filter - Allows you to update the date range of the dashboard data you are viewing. 
  • Total Contacts - Shows number of active contacts during the set date range. Archived contacts are not included. 
  • New Leads - Number of contacts added to the system on each day set by the date range. 
  • New Leads by Source - Number of new leads added to the system by lead source during the set date range. 
  • Contacts by Organization Group - Number of contacts by organization group set set by the last day on the selected date range. 

The Email tab includes the following data:

  • Date Filter - Allows you to update the date range of the dashboard data you are viewing. 
  • Campaign Filter Filter data for a single campaign or journey. 
  • Email Performance - Collection of email data from journeys, auto, drip, and multi-channel campaigns within the date range selected.
  • Individual Email Performance -Shows in-depth details about specific emails from different sources within the date range selected. 
    • Sent - Percentage of the recipients the email sent to.
    • Delivered - Percentage of recipients that received the email.
    • Opened- Percentage of the recipients opened the email.
    • Clicked - Percentage of the recipients clicked the links within the email content.
    • Unsubscribed - Recipients that chose to unsubscribe.
    • Source Campaign - Original source from where the email was sent. 

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