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Media Template Settings

You have a variety of options when it comes to controlling how print pieces behave on the Total Expert platform.

How to Access Media Template Settings

  1. On the left navigation, click Manage Marketing > Manage Templates
  2. Toggle between the Active OR Inactive tabs. 
  3. On the right side of the page, click Actions > Media Settings

Media Settings

  • Media Name - Name of template. 
  • Description - A short description of what the template is and how it should be used. This text is shown along with the name in the list views of templates and saved print media pieces. (It is not shown in tile views.)
  • Reference Number - Code that can be used to identify orders based on the template. Reflected in the Reference Number column on the Marketing Content report.
  • Expiration Date - Date the active template becomes inactive. The template will also be removed from end users'  print marketing and social media lists.
  • Auto Archive - When marked as Yes, the material is automatically removed from a user's saved print marketing menu after an order has been placed on that piece. 
  • Status - Active templates are available for use by administrators on their manage template menu. 
  • Applicable Pro Rate Share Markup - The cost share markup that will apply to pieces created from this template. Select a saved markup from the drop-down list. Saving a new value in this field also resets the markup set as active on the Media Markups page.
  • Published File Expiration Time - The amount of time a saved draft or available template is available to users. Any saved pieces based on the template will no longer be available when this time expires. The template will remain available to create new pieces from as long as the template itself has not expired. 
    • Record of any orders are saved even after the piece expires. 
    • The user can view or generate print order while the piece remains available. 
    • Entering the integer 0 will make the template unlimited - it will never expire. 
  • Recreate Media - Checking this box allows for users to create a new version of a saved media piece. All customization of the first piece is kept. This means the user does not have to start from scratch. 
  • Folders - Folders the template will be saved under. 
  • Tags - Tags the template is saved under. 
  • Media Details Video Link - A video link that can help explain how the template can, or should, be used. 

Social Media Settings

  • Social Media Networks - Toggle all networks users can share the print material on. 
  • Default Link -Link included in the media post. For example, if User Website is chosen, that URL link to the user's website will show on the print piece. These default links are found under the user's account settings. 
    • Allow Editing - This allows users to alter text when creating a post. 
  • Default Social Media Message -Text that is included with the post as well as the default link.
    • Allow Editing - This allows users to alter text when creating a post.

Print Settings

These settings cannot be edited. 

  • Print Company - Print that any orders will be sent to based on the particular print piece. 
  • SKU - Stock Keeping Unit used by Total Expert for the type of print product the template is, followed by the SKU used by the Print Company in parentheses. 
  • Rates - Prices charged by the Print Company for various numbers of copies of the assigned SKU. 

Default  User Settings

These settings apply to all users in your organization unless they are overridden by Team Settings or User Settings for the particular template. 

  • Access - Make it available to users in your organization.
  • Co-Marketing Partner Access (if applicable) -Allow access for co-marketing partners. 
    • New partners added by a user after the template is setup also receive access to the template automatically when account are linked.
    • A cost split markup must be saved before you can assign access for co-marketed pieces.
  • Proof Approval Process (if applicable) - Choose an approval flow if the template needs to be approved prior to being published. 
  • Organization Cost Share % (if applicable) -Use this to specify the amount the organization will cover for their user if an order is placed on a markup template. 
    • Example: If a loan officer and real estate agent are to split the cost of pieces from this template 50/50, and this field is given the value 60, then if the loan officer creates a piece and submits an order worth $100, the organization would be responsible for 60% of the loan officer’s $50 share, or $30. (The loan officer would then pay the remaining $20 from their share, while the agent would still pay $50.)
  • Organization Cost Share Approver (if applicable) - Use this to specify which user must approve the order request before it is sent to the print vendor if the template has markup and an organization cost share %.

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