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How to Edit Saved Cost Split Markups

Previous cost markup versions are overwritten when you save changes. 

  1. On the left navigation, click Manage Marketing > Manage Templates
  2. Search for the template.
  3. Next to the template you want to edit, click Actions > Media Markups
  4. On the list of current markups, click Actions > Edit
  5. Under Markup Settings, click Redraw Markup
  6. On the media template, click, drag, and draw the piece that should be paid for by either the loan officer or the co-marketer. 
    • Any areas not covered will be split 50/50 by the parties involved. 
  7. Repeat steps 5 & 6 for each contributor. 
    • Click Reset to redraw your cost split areas. 
  8. Once satisfied, click Calculate
    • This automatically breaks down the cost percentages.
  9. Input a name for the markup. 
  10. Once completed, click Save Cost Split Markup
    • A confirmation message appears. 
  11. Click Ok then click Back to return to your markup list. 

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