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How to Update Password Settings

  1. On the left navigation, click Organization Admin > Password Settings
  2. Under Password Requirements, update the following settings:
    • Minimum character limit - Input minimum number of characters the password must be.
    • Maximum character limit - Input the maximum number of characters the password must be. 
    • Additional Requirements:
      • One or more uppercase letters
      • One or more lowercase letters
      • One or more numbers
      • One or more symbols - All symbols are allowed. 
    • Re-use limit - Input number of older passwords that cannot be reused.
    • Reset period (days) - Input the number of days before the user's password must be reset. 
    • Disable native CRM login
    • Enable Lockout - The user is locked out of their account after a certain number of failed attempts. 
      • If toggled, input the number of attempts the user has until they are locked out. 
  3. Click Save when finished.

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