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How to Create New Campaigns Using the Campaign Builder Tool

  1. On the left navigation, click Campaigns > Campaign Builder
  2. Click New Campaign
    • A pop-up box appears. 
  3. Input/check the following settings:
    • Name - Name of campaign. 
    • Description (optional) - More in-depth information regarding the campaign. 
    • Remove audience recipients when they start a new loan (Recommended) - Check this box to remove users from the campaign once a new loan status has been initiated. 
    • Loan Statuses - Choose as many loan statuses to help define what a new loan is for this campaign. 
    • Availability Type
      • Mandatory - The campaign runs for all assigned users. 
      • Opt Out - Assigned users can stop or opt out of the campaign at anytime.
  4. Click Create Campaign.


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