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Journeys FAQ

Stopping/Unpublishing and Starting a Journey

Q. If an active journey is stopped (unpublished) and then published again, what happens to the contacts that were already on the journey? Do they pick up where they left off?

It depends. If a contact was on some sort of delay at the time the journey is unpublished and the Journey is not re-published until more than 24 hours after that contact should have been released, those contacts are never released from the timer and are essentially stuck.

But if the Journey is re-published in time then yes, they'd pick up where they left off.

What Happens if the User Has Not Integrated With Twilio Yet and the User Gets Pushed Through the SMS Journey Trigger?

Organizations have the ability to turn off the journey TCPA disclaimer acceptance requirement. Please reach out to your Customer Success Manager or Implementation Manager to learn more. 

The user needs to integrate with Twilio prior to an SMS being sent. The SMS journey trigger is suppressed if the user has not accepted the TCPA disclaimer.  A lead note is created in the contact record indicating that the journey trigger SMS failed to send, and the contact moves to the next step in the journey.

What Happens if The Send Opt in Request Button Is Toggled to Yes on the Send a SMS to Loan Participant Event but the Org Uses the Email Opt in Instead of the SMS Message Method?

The journey launches the email opt in flow instead.

Twilio Text Responses

Q. If I am the LO and my Twilio # is 555-555-5555 and I send out SMS to you, Matt, and Sarah within a journey- if all three of you respond, do I receive a text on my personal cell phone number from the number 555-555-5555 from all three of you within the same thread?

Replies prepend the first and last name of the contact automatically to the message and appends the message "This message is forwarded from an unmonitored number. {{ contact's phone number }}"

It all comes back to the thread with your Twilio number. If you have multiple numbers it would go back to whichever one you sent the message from. So you might have multiple threads.

Does Making Change to a Journey Template Update That Template?

No. Updating a journey template does not change that template if used in a different journey.  

How Do Triggers Work in Birthday Journeys That Occur During a Leap Year?

Birthday journeys using the 1-year timer delay are technically set up to account for leap years. If your birthday is 2/29, the journey would trigger correct on 2/29, but if it's a non-leap-year, it triggers on 3/1.

What Happens to Contacts on a Journey if They Were Deactivated Then Activated Again?

We have filters in place on the various queries related to firing journey events that filter out events for inactive users. So, if a user is inactive, no Journey events (triggers or timer delays) fire. 

If a user is reactivated those journeys start firing again without further action — making a user inactive doesn't unpublish Journeys for the contact. 

Any leads that had been on timer delays that had expired more than 24 hours ago while the user was inactive though would be effectively stuck forever and would not resume the journey. 

When Are Text Messages Sent if Triggered in a Journey?

If this is triggered between 7pm CT and 10am the following morning, the message is held until 10am. Messages triggered between 10am and 7pm are sent immediately.

The user running the journey must have sufficient funds in their account to cover the cost of the message. If they do not, the message fails to send and a note is placed in the contact's Recent Activity indicating that a message failed to send. The contact then moves to the next step in the journey. ; otherwise the message will fail to send. If a message fails for any reason, a note will be placed in the contact's Recent Activity indicating that sending the message failed; the contact moves to the next step on the journey.

If I Update the Link on an Email Template That Is Currently Active in a Journey, Will the Email in That Journey Automatically Be Updated?

Yes. All changes to email templates are reflected in the journey. 

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