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Email Template Settings

You first need to create an email template. 

  1. On the left side of the email builder, click Settings (gear icons)
  2. The following settings are available:
    • Name - Name of email template. 
    • Subject - Subject line of email. 
    • Description - Email description that shows in email list. 
    • Preheader Text - This is a summary that appears after the subject line in the recipient's inbox, but is not visible when opening the email.
    • Upload Thumbnail - Allows a user to upload a custom preview image that shows up in the email library.
    • Transaction Email - The email will ignore the unsubscribe status of recipients if checked. 
    • Bypass All Email Deduplication - This email can be sent any number of times to the same recipient on the same day if checked. 
    • Content Placeholders - Allows the email builder to select a specific sender and recipient that will be used for inputting data into placeholders when the email is previewed. 
    • Styles - Choose which style sheet from the organization is applied to the email. 
    • Folders - Assign folder to the template.
    • Tags - Assign tags to the template. 
    • Email Access - Choose who has access to the template. 
    • Compliance Notifications - Setting up alerts if needed. 
    • Landing Page - Choose a dynamic landing page for the template. 

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