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How to Grant Teams Access to Marketing Templates

  1. On the left navigation, click Manage Marketing > Manage Templates
    • Use the search bar to find the template.
  2. On the right side of the page, click Actions > Team Settings
    • Use the search bar to find the team.
  3. Check the box next to the team(s). 
  4. Click Change Settings (pen and paper icon)
    • A slide out page appears. 
  5. Under Team Media Access Settings, update/check the following settings:
    • Team Template Access - Choose Add Access
    • Co-Marketing Partner Access (if applicable) -Allow access for co-marketing partners. 
      • New partners added by a user after the template is setup also receive access to the template automatically when account are linked. 
      • A cost split markup must be saved before you can assign access for co-marketed pieces.
    • Proof Approval Process (if applicable) - Choose an approval flow if the template needs to be approved prior to being published. 
    • Organization Cost Share % (if applicable) -Use this to specify the amount the organization will cover for their user if an order is placed on a markup template. 
      • Example: If a loan officer and real estate agent are to split the cost of pieces from this template 50/50, and this field is given the value 60, then if the loan officer creates a piece and submits an order worth $100, the organization would be responsible for 60% of the loan officer’s $50 share, or $30. (The loan officer would then pay the remaining $20 from their share, while the agent would still pay $50.)
    • Organization Cost Share Approver (if applicable) - Use this to specify which user must approve the order request before it is sent to the print vendor if the template has markup and an organization cost share %. 
  6. Click Submit

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